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Introducing the Legendary Overdrive Dual Series

Many players, after experiencing the remarkable sound generated by using two drive pedals simultaneously, have become familiar with the use of multiple effects. As the advantages of dual channels are recognised, the use of dual channels expands in effects. With the goal of maximising the benefits of dual channels and providing a rich sound through the combination of legendary effects, the Combination of Legendary Effects series was planned. The intention is both to offer verified rich sounds through the combination of legendary effects and to provide modern tones and new textures.

To create the optimal results in the combination of these effects, it is necessary to pair numerous pedals from around the world, experiment, and measure in various test criteria such as frequency range, texture, cohesion, clarity, noise, etc. Since sound is subjective, there may not be a definitive answer, and even when measuring values with instruments, personal preferences of the experimenter are inevitable. However, based on the combination information discovered by players, we have been able to find the best combinations in various genres such as classic rock, blues, modern rock, etc.

With the core dual-channel functionality as a premise, the drive pedals can be run individually or mixed for different purposes, easily rearranged within the pedalboard, and designed to provide a high headroom of 18V. After determining this design direction, the decision was made to focus on the core areas and secure other areas through collaboration. We chose to collaborate with LiberaToe, which already possesses verified technology, as they have the desired direction with dual channels and 18V support in their shell. They are not only experts in analogue audio but also in firmware development, even plating, and a wide range of engineering fields. Applying the modular design of LiberaToe's interface allowed us to implement the advantages of the intended dual channel.

Moreover, beyond simply re-implementing and combining two effects, we also incorporated improvements to existing effects discovered over time and areas that could increase synergy when two effects are used simultaneously. All circuits are analogue-based, using optimal high-quality components and providing twice the headroom by internally boosting the commonly used 9V to 18V. The drive series being released now preserves the characteristics of legendary effects while adding new advantages, offering the joy of choosing various tones and textures.

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