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Dawkins Preamp

The Dawkins Preamp is a preamplifier replicating the clean and gain channels found in the preamp section of Californian high-gain amplifiers. Drawing inspiration from the robust high-gain amplifier heads preferred by contemporary hard rock and metal musicians, Dawkins offers a tonal spectrum ranging from crystal clear to subtly crunchy, ultimately culminating in thickened overdrive. Well-suited for attaining superior distortion and rich harmonic tones, it imparts potent lows, smooth top ends, and sustained resonance to your guitar tones. 

Functioning as a genuine preamp, Dawkins is intended to be connected to the F/X return rather than the Amp's IN jack. It offers both drive and clean channels, akin to an amplifier. Moreover, it affords you the flexibility to determine the usage of the dual channels. Positioning the G/R selection toggle at the top enables the independent use of drive and clean on the green and red channels. Placing the toggle at the bottom results in both channels operating as drive, each with its own Level and Gain controls.

The Drive channel faithfully reproduces the features of contemporary high-gain amplifiers, harmonizing the complete frequency spectrum to encompass everything from mid-gain crunch distortion to intense high-gain distortion. Thoughtfully choosing components with vacuum tube traits that produce organic gain without distinct clipping elements yields a seamless coverage of high frequencies, reducing sensitivity to the human ear while preserving high definition. At moderate gain levels, the guitar's volume control alone can manage clean-up. The Bass dial in the Drive channel enriches ultra-low frequencies, forming a sturdy low end from 4 p.m. onwards when utilizing a 4x4 cabinet.

The Clean channel mirrors the traits of two exemplary clean amps from the United States and the United Kingdom, faithfully incorporating a versatile clean channel even without a separate TMB tone stack. This renders it exceptionally receptive to drive-based and time-space effects positioned in the signal chain.

As a preamp input to the F/X return, Dawkins provides ample volume to drive the Power Amp, so it's crucial to set the Level/Volume for each channel appropriately to avoid excessive input volume into the amp.

Implemented with high input impedance and low output impedance, Dawkins ensures not to alter any effects before or after it. With an added stabilisation circuit, it boasts very low noise characteristics. Internally boosting the input 9V to 18V provides high headroom, preserving the original characteristics of the signal. To control the signal path, it employs electro-mechanical relays instead of commonly used FET or analogue switch components in the effects world, minimising colouration by components and preserving the original signal in both true bypass and internal signal flow control.

Input Power: 9V DC (centre negative)  /  Current Draw: 100mA (Pedal power only, No battery use)

Input Impedance: 1MΩ  /  Output Impedance: Less than 1kΩ

   Module - 3.7“x2.6”x2.3“/9.3x6.7x5.8cm
   Pedal - 51.2“x2.8”x2.6“/130x7.1x6.5cm

   Module -  0.46lbs / 208g
   Pedal - 1.02lbs / 459g

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