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Abby Normal Overdrive

The Abby Normal Overdrive is a combination overdrive that preserves the appropriately breakup tube amp characteristics with a transparent overdrive and a thick midrange screamer overdrive. It allows you to use two distinctive overdrives with different frequency coverage simultaneously or alternately, making it versatile for various genres from clean boost to mid-gain.

The front-end overdrive creates a pleasant, lightly compressed breakup reminiscent of  plugging  the  guitar  directly  into  the  amp,   ranging  from  clean  to  mid-gain.  It produces a natural crunch with a clear and not overly sharp juice-like top end supported by warm mid range. With two 3-way toggles that allow you to select the mid range frequency range, you can precisely tailor the desired frequency range based  on  the  characteristics  of  the  connected amp,  emphasizing or adjusting the 1.2kHz or 2.2kHz band, as well as the  2.8kHz or 8.8kHz band. Volume control of the guitar also adjusts the gain amount through cascaded clipping.


The rear end, whilst preserving the original guitar sound, expands the frequency range by installing a Mid trimmer. Turning it to the left passes frequencies above 2.8kHz (modern tone), while turning it to the right allows all midrange frequencies to pass (vintage tone). The rear-end overdrive also features both own level and a stack level for adjusting the level when used alone or stacked (e.g., solo and backing differentiation).


Both overdrives offer a doubled drive range compared with the previous version, providing a wide range of gain options. The selection method for the two drives is designed to fully utilise the advantages of the dual channels. With the G/R selection toggle at the top, you can use the rear end overdrive and front end overdrive on the green and red channels, respectively. Placing it in the middle allows you to use the rear end overdrive and stacked overdrive each on the green and red channels, and placing the toggle at the bottom lets you use the front end overdrive and stacked overdrive on the two channels separately.

The implementation of high input impedance and low output impedance ensures not to affect any effects in front or behind. With an added stabilisation circuit, it boasts very low noise characteristics. Internally boosting the input from 9V to 18V provides high headroom, preserving the original characteristics of the signal. Additionally, to minimise colouration from components, electro-mechanical relays are used instead of commonly used FET or analogue switch components in the effects world. This ensures true bypass and maximum preservation of the original signal in both bypass and internal signal flow control.

Input Power: 9V DC (centre negative)  /  Current Draw: 120mA (Pedal power only, No battery use)

Input Impedance: 1MΩ  /  Output Impedance: Less than 1kΩ

   Module - 3.7“x2.6”x2.3“/9.3x6.7x5.8cm
   Pedal - 51.2“x2.8”x2.6“/130x7.1x6.5cm

   Module - 0.47lbs / 212g
   Pedal - 1.02lbs / 463g

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